Frequently Asked Questions

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How does ecologica™ work?

Most skin care products are topical, working only on the external layer, ecologica™ is designed to stimulate, detoxify and nourish cells subcutaneously. 

Is the Eco Masque and Peel right for my skin?

This treatment is very stimulating. It works from the inside out by drawing blood to the surface of the skin carrying nutrients and oxygen to the top epidermal layers while pushing out toxins and impurities. The masque tightens and pulsates, increasing the metabolic rate at which cells reproduce. Skin may appear pink for hours later. Patch-test suggested.

Do you offer samples?

Yes! We are happy to send you samples of most of our line. Samples are sent free of charge with any order request. Without a purchase order, shipping will be charged.

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Do ecologica™ products contain preservatives?

Yes. We use natural preservatives to preserve freshness and guarantee the shelf life of the formulation from the growth of bacteria, fungus, mold and other microbes.

How long will my products last?

We guarantee our products to last at least one year, however many last much longer.

Where is ecologica™ made?

Our products are developed in Malibu and made right here in Southern California in a 100% plant-based FDA cGMP lab.

Is ecologica™ GMO free?

We are passionate about using the most natural and pure ingredients. To the best of our knowledge, our ingredients are GMO-free, however not all of our ingredients are “certified” GMO-free since the process of getting certified is extremely expensive. Whenever possible our preference is to source certified GMO-free ingredients. 

Can those with sensitive skin or allergies use ecologica?

There is a small segment of the population that can be sensitive to the most benign ingredients. Ecologica™ was developed with concern to skin sensitivities. Many people with super sensitive skin or skin allergies do well with ecologica products since they are free of synthetic ingredients, fragrances, parabens, and sulfates. Some of our products are more active than others, so for specific questions, please contact:

If you have a specific medical concern, consult your doctor.