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Although many lines claim to be natural and effective, two elements make ecologica stand out from the rest. First, the line was developed to work from the inside-out. The only true and scientifically proven way to nourish and oxygenate the skin is through the blood, and after years of research and development our unique and proprietary masque does exact that. Secondly, we have the proportionate amount of active and effective natural ingredients to be effective and to achieved results.

Soapless Cleanser_ecologica of Malibu organic Lavender

The Finest Plant Based Ingredients

As a certified aromatherapist, purity of ingredients is extremely important to me.  We source the finest essential oils for our products to have the highest potency, effectiveness, and to improve the health of the body, mind, and spirit.

Vicki Cooper, Natural Skincare Pioneer

Vicki Cooper

For more than forty years, skin care has been my passion and life’s work.  Having taken care of tens-of thousands of faces, I recognized years ago that there was a need for a simple, natural and logical approach to taking care of skin. It was with that vision that I formulated ecologica and opened the first skin care salon & spa facility in Malibu. Featuring proprietary skin treatments along with world class theloso-therapy (seaweed & marine algae treatments) and aromatherapy to take care of some of the most beautiful and famous faces in the entertainment world and royalty alike.

My passion for creating quality, high-end natural beauty products and treatments that work effectively for my clients has long been my mission, and my ability to nurture and heal naturally is a gift that I was not only born with, but is in my DNA. I come from a long line of doctors and herbalists. My great-grandfather, Dr. Thomas James Cooper was referred to as "one of America’s last great herb doctors."