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Sugar Scrub vs Salt Scrub

Posted on June 21 2020

Sugar Scrub vs Salt Scrub

Summer is here and it's time to shed the old, dry winter skin for gorgeous glowing skin.  Question is which type of exfoliate...salt or sugar?

Salt scrubs when manually applied, salt scrubs exfoliate dead layers of skin and the salt crystals have detoxing benefits as well.  Salt scrubs are best for elbow, feet and less sensitive parts of the body. Conversely, course salt crystals can lacerate the skin and cause extreme irritation.

Sugar scrubs When unrefined and organic cane sugar are manually used as an exfoliate, the skin is replenished with rich nutrients such as calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium.. Unrefined sugar is more abrasive than table sugar but can be adjusted by adding water to the skin first before applying the scrub.

Malibu Sea Scrub by ecologica made with organic sugar and seaweed, (the perfect food source for the body) and a power-load of organic essential oils provides a gentle, nutritional-rich exfoliation for glowing, and healthy skin.


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