Ecologica Rose H20

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Rose H20 6oz & 2oz (travel size)

Product Features

  •     Natural Toner   
  •     Hydrating
  •     Linen Spray
  •     Room Freshener
  •     Uplifting effect                                                                                          

Pure Rose Water from distillation of rose pedals.

spray for an uplifting and hydrating effect to face & body. May be used as a linen spray and room spray.

Product Description
Pure Rose Floral Water in two convenient sizes.  The 2 oz size is the perfect travel size which is allowed by airline carriers. Slip it in your purse or workout bag to hydrate and refresh tired or dry skin throught the day. Rose water has been used for centuries by European women for its refreshing, cooling and tonifying effect. Recommended for sensitive skins. Use as a facial tonic, astringent & for compresses. Plastic bottle for easy travel.

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Customer reviews

  • Hello Fresh Face

    Posted by Kathy Greco on 11/24/2014

    I spritz this on my face daily! I keep one by my bed and always use it when I am stuck on a plane. A little spritz freshens my skin right up. Love this.