Ask Vicki

Who's Vicki

I welcome any questions or concerns that you may have regarding your skin or products. You will find a few commonly asked questions and some suggestions on how to take better care of your skin.

Q. I have heard that soap can be drying to my skin. Is liquid soap better or at least less drying?

A. You are correct in pointing out that soap is drying to your skin. Unless you are using a “soapless” cleanser, then you are using ingredients that are found in products that you wash your clothes or dishes with. These ingredients can dry the top layers of skin, impeding the elimination of oils and impurities & possibly contributing to skin irritation or acne.

Q. How do I know that I need a facial?

A. Everyone can benefit from a facial. You can clean and moisturize your skin, but until you have experienced a good facial, it’s hard to imagine how different your skin can feel or look.

Q. If I buy skin care products in a health food store, am I getting good quality, natural products?

A. Not always. Many times I have seen products that clients have brought me to look at from health food stores that are less “natural” than what you would find at a drug store. The best suggestion that I have is READ the INGREDIENTS!!! These ingredients are penetrating your skin and body as the food we eat.

Q. Are all sun blocks the same? What is the best way to use one?

A. VERY important question. Most people look for sun blocks with a high SPF. While that is extremely important, it is equally important to remember that the active SPF ingredient makes up about 5-10% of the overall contents of the bottle. It is important to use a block that has quality ingredients. I suggest one that is fragrant free, water soluble and made particularly for the face. It should be reapplied through out the day and when in direct sun you should where a wide brim hat and dark sunglasses. Sun blocks, while great, are not enough. Common sense care of not getting too much sun and wearing protective clothing is equally important.